ECO-n Grey Limed

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All orders placed before end of July will receive FREE Underlay. (Valued at $4.95 sqm)

ECO-n  Bamboo flooring – Grey Limed

1830 mm long, 125 mm wide, 14mm solid bamboo. Satin Finish

Floated installations upon underlay.

Bamboo Flooring Prices.

Price per sqm


1.388 sqm / box                                              $53.00 / sqm.


20 or 50 sqm rolls                                          $  4.95 / sqm.

Stair nose boards   

1850mm                                                           $49.00 each

Matching Trims

Scotia                          2400 x 25 x 25mm   $ 4.50 / length


C section end cap. 3400 lengths.               $37.00 / length


On application.

Grey-limed… displays that contemporized grey washed look. Colour is applied over a coffee base, resulting a darker limed look with no yellow or reds. It works well with concrete for that modern hard look, or used to great affect in a worn beach or relaxed interior. For those considering a commercial application, it’s perfect.

The surface has a waved hand scraped finish.