Moso Flooring

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Both styles are produced using a manufacturing technique known as Strand Woven .

The differences :

Moso Select displays a consistency in grain and colour more than any other bamboo available. [ The process is more costly.] This consistency is achieved firstly by the stringent selection of fibre to ensure excellent colour and grain consistency. Our process then sees a slower and longer application of heat, resulting in a more homogenised and stable outcome displaying less contrast within individual boards and batch lots.

The machining of the boards is exacting with a deeper and hence more positive locking system. The colour range offered encompasses a great deal of time and effort to lead in a market that often only copy.

The ECO-n ranges offers a balance of quality and value. This efficient production process results in boards displaying greater contrast in colour and grain with a more pronounced display of the bamboo internodes. This being a result of a more intense application of heat. ECO-n floors have a greater life and interest to them and are available in all the most popular looks.

Both styles are underwritten by Bamboo Floors as being the best of their kind.

We are happy to supply you with free bamboo flooring samples.

Moso Select Bamboo Flooring

Moso Select Bamboo flooring represents the finest bamboo having achieved the highest of environmetal and quality standards.

Moso Select Bamboo flooring is created by the strand woven process of compressing bamboo fibre into a very dense lumber, from which the highest quality boards are selected, machined and then clear finished.

Boards are a generous 130mm wide and a solid 14mm thick, 1830mm long with click lock profiling.

Due to the most stringent selection process our moso select bamboo floors are:

The heaviest and hardiest bamboo available, displaying the highest durability on the market.

Most consistent in appearance of grain and colour.

Best locking system to ensure a positively solid feel under foot.

Factory finished with long life UV cured water based urethane. Boards are able to be sanded and refinished when required.

Rapid and easy to install, suitable for acoustically rated installations.

Professionally installed or DIY upon any dry, flat or sound sub-floor, such as concrete, ply, yellow tongue, tiles or old floor boards.

20 year structural warranty, 10 year wear warranty.

More About Moso Flooring

Moso Select Bamboo flooring is of the highest quality in the world.

We first select the best bamboo fibre available, returning the rejected fibre to the market. We continually monitor the process of adhesive, compression and heat. This ensuring the consistency of grain, tone and unmatched hardness.

Bamboo fibres are compressed into a solid ingot of timber, the compression greatly increases bamboos natural density. Boards are then precisely machined and prepared to Bamboo Floors’ exacting quality requirements.

Moso Select Bamboo is as hard as Ironbark and will endure the harsh realities of family life and commercial application. Given it solid bamboo construction bamboo can be sanded and refinished. After 10 years it is only some customers who are now considering refinishing floors.

The clear coating used on Moso Select Bamboo, although not scratch proof continues to show market leading wear performance.