ECO-n Saddle

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ECO-n  Bamboo flooring – Saddle

1830 mm long, 125 mm wide, 14mm solid bamboo. Satin Finish

Floated installations upon underlay.

Bamboo Flooring Prices.

Price per sqm


1.388 sqm / box                                              $46.00 / sqm.


20 or 50 sqm rolls                                          $  2.80 / sqm.

Stair nose boards   

1850mm                                                           $34.00 each

Matching Trims

Scotia                          2400 x 25 x 25mm   $ 4.50 / length


C section end cap. 3400 lengths.               $37.00 / length


On application.

ECO-n Saddle displays a deep moody autumn brown, its grain is displaying variation in shade and texture to add to its’ natural richness. Boards are long and wide, finished with an amazingly durable satin clear.

Colours are created by adding stain to our multi layer coating system upon our coffee base boards.

The ECO-n Range is designed to assist the home renovator.

Our Saddle colour displays a traditional feel, rich tones that will at a touch of opulence to your interior.

Econ bamboo flooring.

Our ECO-n Range perfectly balances price and quality.

The ECO-n Range is specifically designed to allow easy installation for those wish to install themselves, and provides all the accessories you might need to professionally install and trim your floor.

The boards we produced are known as strand woven bamboo, where bamboo poles are split, processed then adhered under heat and pressure into a solid form. Given this compression strand woven bamboo is denser than naturally occurring bamboo. Boards are then machined and finished to ensure easy installation and durable finishes.

Boards are 125mm wide and a solid 14mm thick, 1830mm long with click lock profiling.

Factory finished with long life UV cured water based urethane. Boards can be sanded and refinished when required.

Machined for rapid and easy to install.

DIY or professionally installed upon any dry, flat or sound sub-floor, such as concrete, ply, yellow tongue, tiles or old floor boards.

20 year structural warranty, 10 year wear warranty.

Bamboo is an amazingly sustainable material, as bamboo poles reach five years of age they are taken, leaving the younger maturing poles for the next harvest.

A bamboo forest absorbs up to 30% more carbon and produces up to five times more biomass then a pine forest.

Moso Select bamboo flooring has environmental certification from both GECA Green Environmental Choice Australia and FSC Forest Stewardship Council.

Did you know that in sprouting season a bamboo pole will grow to 15m in 3 months, it will take another 4 – 5 years to mature into fibre suitable for timber.

We are happy to supply you with free bamboo flooring samples.