Horizontal Natural

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Horizontal Natural

Horizontal Bamboo flooring –  Natural [ wide board ]

1900 + mm long, 160 + mm wide, 15mm solid bamboo. Semi Gloss Finish

Tongue and Groove, all four sides.

Floated or Direct Stick Installations.

Our Natural colour displays bright blonde tones, its grain is beautifully consistent displaying enough variation in shade and texture to add to its’ natural appearance. Boards are long and wide, finished with an amazingly durable semi gloss clear.

Horizontal Bamboo – Natural is strikingly bamboo in appearance, it at a glance communicates all that is good with bamboo.

Horizontal  Natural colour displays striking bamboo characteristics, communicates all that is good with sustainable materials.

Warranty Information


Moso Select Bamboo is sold with a warranty for domestic applications for a period of twenty years. It is warranted that the material as manufactured will remain free of structural defects. This warranty is conditional on best installation practices and the appropriate care and maintenance.r dealer.

Finish Layer

Moso Select Bamboo is sold with a finish warranty for domestic applications for a period ten years. It is warranted that the manufactured finish will not peel or delaminate and remain adhered to the bamboo material. This warranty does not cover crazing, indentations, scratches or wear through. Gloss reduction is not considered a finish defect nor is wear through in high traffic areas including locations of chairs or thorough fares.

Natural and Coffees can be sanded and refinished and it should be not expected that the factory finish can be reproduced.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranty does not cover water damage, affects of moisture, (leaks, rain, sub floor moisture, wet mopping) excessive dryness, infestation, insufficient protection. Cupping or crowning where moisture exists or where sufficient expansion gaps have not been allowed is not covered by warranty. Gapping due to contraction of the boards or product installed with visible defects is not covered by warranty.

Product must be installed to manufactures recommendations. All installs upon slab are advised to include a vapour barrier. Improper maintenance and cleaning will void warranty.


Place door mats at entries to collect grit. Ensure all furniture has protective pads. Sweep and vacuum regularly to remove grit. Protect from excessive heat and sunlight. Clean with a barely damp mop using a mild detergent. Do not steam or wet mop.

About Moso Select bamboo flooring.

Moso Select  Horizontal Bamboo flooring is of the highest quality in the world.

We first select the best bamboo fibre available, returning the

rejected fibre to the market. We continually monitor the process

of adhesive, compression and heat. This ensuring the consistency

of grain, tone and unmatched quality.

We are happy to supply you with free bamboo flooring samples.